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Vector Stands
Vector Poster Stand, Freestanding, Indoor.
Price: Call for pricing

Detailed Description

  • Great for retail stores, restaurants, tradeshows and malls.
  • Rigid or semi-rigid graphic must be used: styrene or posterboard suggested -- minimum thickness of 1/16" to max. of 3/32".
  • Available in Satin Silver or Matte Black finishing.
  • Graphics can be changed out without disassembling the stand.
  • Elliptical-shaped bases.
  • All graphics are 22"x28" or 22"x56" in size.

Vector Stand Options
Stand Height Graphic Size MODEL#
58" (double tier) (4) 22"x28" signs VX2-
86" (triple tier) (6) 22"x28" signs VX3-
56" (single tier) (2) 22"x56" signs VX4-

To find the correct Model #, find the Stand Height cell that best suits you -- use the Model# in the last column, then
append a "B" for black finish, or an 'S' for the silver finish.
Example: For a single tier, 56" high stand in black finish, the Model # would be VX4-B.